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Round 6 - Shelsley Walsh


The first eagerly awaited day of the Midland Automobile Club's 'Classic Nostaglia' festival meeting dawned dry and reasonable agreeable following a very wet Friday evening !  we witnessed cars power-boating around the camping field with a bow wave !


Competitors were faced with a damp but drying track for both Saturday morning practice runs interspersed with various support & demos including around 20 Group A & WRC rally cars.


BOC / Aldon cars were mixed into the main events age / type related classes resulting in competing drivers running at various times of the day - with the changeable weather this almost caused a major problem , more on this later... Entries were healthy with around a dozen in each of our three categories.


Saturday saw the first appearance of Andy Bower's Mk1 Ford Capri in the championship, newly finished with a Cologne engine retro-fitted to make it eligible (it was previously running a 'modern' Zetec unit). Despite suffering some inevitable teething troubles the times came down progressively throughout the day.





The saloon class was won on handicap by Roger Beard in his Scimitar Coupe (-0.51 seconds). Second was Alex Howell in the Hillman Imp (-0.44) , unfortunately a second timed run incident at the Esses broke the front suspension rendering the car undriveable for Sunday. Third place went to Simon Braithwaite in the Escort Mk1 BDG (-0.08). Fastest time on scratch was Trevor Shortt with a fine 35.24 second run.

The sportscar class was won by Mike Henney in the Ginetta with a time way under his handicap (-1.70 seconds) , this was set on the very last run in damp / fast drying conditions following a rain  

shower that effectively ruined the first timed run for any cars in the 1970 to 1980 classes. This run was particularly impressive as no-one knew what the surface conditions on the esses approach were going to be until you arrived at motorway speeds !.  Second place went to the ever rapid Keith Wilson in his Midget (-0.21) , third was taken by John Newton in the TVR (-0.11).  Fastest sportcar time on scratch was Peter Joy with a fine 37.67sec run in the Lotus Elite. This time the race version rather than the rally car!.

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Last but not least the single seater & sports racing brigade runners.  Entries were almost all contained within one of Shelsleys age related classes (1960 to 1970) - just Alan Goodwin & Philip Stader being split into a later 1970 to 1980 class. Mike White in the MG Special took an unexpected win with a time 1.08 seconds under his handicap . No-one else in the class went under handicap , closest being Grant Cratchley (Brabham BT21) in second place with +0.27 seconds , third was Nick Stephens in his Lotus.

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Simon Braithwaite