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Round 9 - Harewood

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David Owen set a fantastic time in his Merlyn FF1600 on Saturday, he was unable to better it come Sunday & dropped down the handicap placings.

A few extra runners arrived overnight to increase the field size for sunday's second day of competition. There were also a couple of car issues that caused drivers to switch vehicles, double driving surviving cars.


Saloon cars was increased with the double driven Scimitar of John & Steve Louch. Andy Clarke made a large improvement on his saturday time on the final run of the weekend to take the class on handicap. John Louch was a fairly close second ,setting the time on the first official run but then unable to get lower on the final attempt. Simon Braithwaite was third in the Mk1 Escort having once again lowered his PB in sunday morning practice and had his handicap reduced. All the remaining runners were under their PB's / handicaps with Matt Clarke finally getting into the 67's in his Mini.


All drivers in the Sportscars class were also under their handicaps on Sunday. Mike Henney headed the field from Steve Phennah then Nick Stephens.


A very different looking result in Racing cars gave Mike Broome the win from Carol Nicholls (improving a lot with every run), then Mike Gales in third with the Lotus 61.

Fastest overall was Richard Jones in his rapid Brabham with 1600cc BDA power on 59.29, a little way off his own class record this year.