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The Bugatti Owners Club Classic Speed Championship is the UK's leading Speed series for the Owners / Drivers of Classic vehicles.

It originated from within the Midland Hillclimb Championship and the running of the series as a stand alone championship was taken on by the Bugatti Owners Club around 15 years ago. The Championship has been sponsored by Paul Matty Sportscars , Aldon Automotive, Henney's Cider and from 2022 by FASSI.

Three types of car are catered for: Saloons , Sportscars & Racing Cars (both single seaters and sports racing cars)

Currently Saloons and Sportscars are accepted pre 1977 & now also pre 1986, and Racing cars pre 1986. This has been revised to cater for cars of a slightly newer age in some additional classes.

Vehicles must remain largely as per period specification with original engines & no modern electronic control systems fitted. Treaded road legal tyres are specified for saloon & sportscars. Safety equipment can vary depending on the level of vehicle modifications (ie: Road-going or modified categories). 

The main Championship is scored on a handicap basis , with drivers aiming to beat their previous best times. A subsidiary series sponsored by Classic aims to reward the drivers of the fastest cars with some additional awards.

Typically the Championship attracts around 70 to 80 registered contenders each season. A Prescott 'Home venue' meeting will often have around 20 runners in each of the three classes.

All the main UK Hillclimb and Sprint venues are utilised in a 'normal' season , Prescott / Shelsley Walsh / Loton Park / Gurston Down and Llandow for 2024 with others eg: Wiscombe Park / Curborough and Anglesey circuit having been used in recent years.


Created in 2011, the website aims to promote the sport within the UK and document / record the winners of the various UK championships

The Classes

Three types of vehicle are catered for within the Championship:

Saloon Cars: These are typically represented by the iconic British models of the 1960's and 1970's , most common being the Mini and Ford Escort in Mk1 & 2 guise. Other participants include Alfa Romeo's , Lancia's , Reliant Scimitar GTE's , other Ford stalwarts including Cortinas and Anglias as well as the rarer Jaguar and American models.


Sportscars: One of the UK's major success stories from years past , the field is full of MG's , Triumph's and pretty much every popular marque has been represented over the years. Porsche 911's have been very competitive and in 2020 both Handicap & Scratch awards were taken by examples from the Stuttgart manufacturer.

Racing Cars: This class incorporates specialist single seaters and 2 seater sports racing cars. Once again the UK was a dominant force during the 1950's onwards with numerous small and medium scale manufacturers producing literally hundreds of different types of vehicle. Typical entrants include Brabham , Lotus , Lola , Mallock , Merlyn along with other rarer breeds including Nike , Palliser and Pringlett.

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